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The Team

PrintAuthor: Regina

Paolino’s human mother, “Regina R. Brant,” (a pseudonym) is an Information Technology salesperson and a first-time author. She was not blessed with children, but, she is a loving caretaker to her kitties. She was motivated to write the story because of her intense experience in caring for Paolino. The book was an emotional experience for her, so emotional that she decided to form a team of friends to collaborate in developing it. (These friends wish to remain anonymous.)

She initially spoke with “Yve” about the partially-written story, and Yve mentioned that she had a sister, “Kelly”, who is a published author of a science fiction novel. Regina asked if she could meet Kelly in order to discuss the possibility of her participating with her on the book. The meeting was set up as a dinner in one of the popular steak houses in the area.

That meeting was fateful. Regina and Kelly hit it off as if they were long lost sisters. They ate, drank wine, laughed, shared stories and talked and talked and talked long into the evening. By the end of that first meeting, it was decided: Kelly would join the team as co-writer. She loved the theme, the spiritual – yet non-preachy – approach, the focus on animals as teachers of humans, and the amazing true story of the real Paolino. Regina gave Kelly the partial manuscript of the book to review. The ultimate collaboration between Regina and Kelly made “Lessons” the wonderful fiction that it is.


Co-Author: KellyGreen

Born in Summit, New Jersey, Kelly is a product of small town USA, and writing has always been her forte. As early as the fourth grade she published monthly articles in her parish magazine, and for years has been well known to spin fun and intriguing short stories with a twist. Recently she became a published author of a science fiction novel. Kelly is a young-looking family matriarch, with four daughters (three married) and grandchildren. She lives with the love of her life, Michael, her fiancé. She’s the spiritual “go-to” person in her family, has a wicked sense of humor, displays the patience of a saint and maintains a deep love for, and concern about, children.

For years, she ran the children’s department of a well-known, now defunct, book chain, and would often engineer holiday parties, contests and games for the children. On Halloween, she would judge a costume competition, dressed in her own fantasy get-up. Kelly was onboard almost immediately during the meeting with Regina where the two authors delighted in discussing the concept of “Lessons of Pao.” Once Kelly began to write her first section she introduced a wonderful character, Max the cat, who became Pao’s great friend and confidant. In fact, Kelly, herself, has many characteristics similar to Max’s, and if she had been born a cat, she would have been Max.


PrintIllustrator: Yve

Younger sister of Kelly, Yve is a creative artist who provided the illustrations for her sister’s first published book. In her spare time she also designs and makes elegant fashion jewelry using semi-precious stones. A corporate executive, herself, Yve is a key employee in a real estate conglomerate, running virtually everything for the senior executives in the headquarters. She is a fitness fanatic, lifting weights, exercising, running and keeping trim and toned. Yve has a special man in her life with whom she shares travel and other adventures.

Yve worked under Regina’s direction with regard to the content of the illustrations; however Yve was right on Regina’s wavelength and seemed to know in advance what needed to be depicted. It was a labor of complete synergy.



Financial Backer & Editor: VittorioBrown

Vittorio works with Regina, and he agreed to round out the Team by providing the financial backing and critical oversight necessary to writing the book. He is an Information Technology Services Executive and Chief Operations Officer of his company. His keen reviews and critical feedback were invaluable to the rest of the Team.

He arranged office space, equipment, administrative support and other needed resources. He attended all the review meetings and made indispensable suggestions. Without his guidance the book would not have been.


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