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The Story



“Lessons of Pao” was inspired by the author’s own “magical” white Persian cat, Paolino, who was deemed by various spiritual folks to be an Angel come to Earth in the form of a kitten to help his human caretakers in their journey to enlightenment, or, put more simply, in their quest to be happy. When Paolino mysteriously disappeared from the author’s home one day she was channeled in a way to write this fiction starring her much-loved pet.

“Lessons” is a playful, spiritual, yet Earthly adventure that begins in Vendylor, a world of Ascended Masters in another realm of the Multiverse, and arrives in 1969 Ireland amidst the backdrop of the Troubles. The story is filled with whimsical maneuvers, humorous occurrences, sad happenings, and triumphs over personal limitations.

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