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The Humans

Breda & Sean

Breda McGowan & Dr. Sean O’Farrell

Heroine of the story, spiritual and loving, and the reason why Master Pao comes to Earth: A pretty woman, 30 years old, 5’3” tall, 130 pounds dripping wet, with light blue eyes that twinkle when she laughs, and shiny auburn hair that she wears in a stylish chin-length bob brushed behind her ears. A startling smile and deep dimples warm her pretty face, which has a look of intelligence, a look befitting her Oxford degrees in Biology and Ancient History. Breda is forlorn, having lost not only the great love of her life in a violent political skirmish, but also her much-loved cat, Max, under mysterious circumstances. She is an evolved human, whose spiritual vibrations are rapidly approaching the wavelength of Vendylor, thereby enabling her cries to be heard by Master Pao.


Breda is bereft until the entrance into her life of Dr. Sean O’Farrell, the new veterinarian and animal rescuer in town. Handsome and 32 years old, Sean is tall, about 6’ 4,” lean and muscular, with electric green eyes, a playful baritone voice and a generous smile bordered by two deeply creviced dimples that belie his overwhelming masculine presence. Sean sells the newest rescued kitties, Carina and Michelina, to Breda for a charity donation.


Paddy CooganPaddy Coogan

Paddy Coogan is a crusty widower in his early 60s, tall and skinny, unshaven and dirty. He had blackened hands and fingernails and greasy salt and pepper hair – shoulder length in back and just below his ears in front. His body stank from lack of hygiene, and his teeth were yellowing and uneven. The smell of stale Guinness permeated his clothes. He was so lost without his departed wife, Kaize, he had let the farm go beyond repair: neglected animals, fences falling down, weeds choking crops, broken windows, a rotting front door, peeling paint, sagging steps and shutters hanging askew from rusting hinges. And then, in an instant, Pao enters his life and Paddy’s amazing transformation begins.



Peigín McHugh

Peigín McHugh

The object of Paddy Coogan’s affection, Peigín is the local switchboard operator, a widow in her late forties with 5 children. She is short and plump with a poof of kinky red hair, a round face, hazel-colored eyes, and freckles just about everywhere. She has a pleasant, almost jovial, disposition, with a ready laugh and a mischievous smile. Men, and especially Paddy, are particularly attracted to her personality and cheerful motherly nature. Peigín plays an important connective role in the story.



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