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The Animals


Max is a seemingly ageless, worldly, big and beautiful Norsk Skogkatt, a Norwegian Forest Cat, with chocolate, gray and white fur, flowing tufts from his ears and a long bushy tail. Max was Breda’s darling, her rock when she lost her fiancé. His mysterious disappearance starts the fireworks that bring the Vendylorians.

Max becomes Pao’s best friend and confidant, and the two share the best excitement and adventure. Surely he could have been a Vendylorian had he not refused to abandon all the fun he had been enjoying for a very long time on Earth.


Kay Cee, Lucia, Carina & Michelina


Kay CeeKay Cee

Kay Cee – a beautiful, pastel Calico with six toes on each of her front paws and gorgeous hazel eyes. In real life she lived to 18 years and had the disposition of an angel. She loved the real Paolino and, in “Lessons” she loved Carina and Michelina. She was the sensible one, always trying to set her sister, Lucia, on the correct path.




Lucia – a real beauty with the coloring of a tuxedo, the tail of a Maine Coon, and the jealousy of an only pet. She resented any attention that her real Earth mother, and in “Lessons” that Breda gave to Kay Cee. In the story and in real life, she was Kay Cee’s biggest challenge.


Carina and Michelina

Caramica & MichelinaTwo beautiful Himalayan Blue Points with fluffy, cream-colored fur and startling blue eyes. Their natures are sweet and loving, and their temperaments calm. In “Lessons” the two kittens become part of Breda’s family after she is deep in mourning over the loss of her beloved cat, Max. The kittens are enamored with Kay Cee and Lucia, and become admiring little pests, following them everywhere, asking tons of questions, and demanding from their older sisters much patience, understanding and training.

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